Amazing Ribs, Meat Up in Memphis

About eighteen months ago I made the leap and became a paid up member of Amazing Ribs. For a very small annual fee I now have access to an enormous amount of quality BBQ and Grilling knowledge. After signing up though I was tempted by an event they were going to be running.

The Meat up in Memphis sounded fantastic, three days of all things BBQ to be held in the Memphis Peabody Hotel was something I wanted to be part of. Initially the event was scheduled to be held 24th August to the 26th of August, but due to the everlasting presence of Covid, the decision was made to move it to March 2022.

So, with that in mind, I have booked the event for my wife and me. We will by flying American Airlines from Dublin to Memphis via Philadelphia. This is a once in a lifetime trip for us. This will be our first foreign trip since October 2019, where we spent a week in Cyprus.

So, come back after the end of March 2022 and see how it all went.

Beale Street, Memphis