Spare Ribs

Who doesn’t like nice tender tasty ribs? This was originally going to be Baby Back Ribs, but my local butcher had run out. The next best thing was a rack of spare ribs. The butcher had already trimmed the rack so I was good to go.

Nice simple rub – see below for details

Smoked Turkey Legs

Turkey legs fresh from the smoker

So, I was searching in the freezer the other day for something totally different from turkey legs. I didn’t even realise that we had turkey legs. They must have been leftover from the extras I purchased last Xmas.

They needed using as there was a bit of freezer burn. I found a nice brine in one of my Weber Cook Books. A top tip is to not over brine the turkey. I had mine in the brine for a bit longer than twelve hours, which gave the turkey a slightly more salty flavour then I would have liked, although the sweetness was very nice.

Smoked for about three hours at 140°C (285°F). I let the temperature get up to 82°C. These were probably the best turkey legs I have ever tasted.